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Villa Boreas

Modern tropical styling

The Villa Boreas offers homeowners resort-style living with modern comforts. They are built in a tropical style, with modern elements, and high ceilings, high doors and many large windows – which provide plenty of natural light to make the rooms bright and spacious.


 Thailand’s wonderful tropical climate has been incorporated into the design of all of our villas and residents appreciate the deck areas, covered verandas and cooling swimming pools.


With the large sliding doors in the open position, refreshing breezes keep the rooms airy and temperatures comfortable.


This villa is very spacious with several covered and open decks. The Villa Boreas offers both luxury indoor and outdoor living.

Specifications of the Villa Boreas:

  • Spacious living room

  • Western-style and outdoor Thai-style kitchen

  • Large dining area

  • Master bedroom with outdoor bathroom

  • Two guest bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms

  • Guest house with one or two bedrooms

  • Carport with large storage room and laundry room

  • Pool with jacuzzi

  • Several decks and covered terraces

  • The approximate indoor living space is 290 sq-m.

  • The approximate outdoor space is 350 sq-m.


As with our other properties, modifications are possible so please let us know what your individual requirements are as we are very flexible and can cater to specific requests.

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