Frequently asked questions about Paan Pa Wai


What does Baan Pa Mai Mean?

Baan Pa Mai can be translated as "House in the Forest."

What is the average age of the residents at Baan Ing Phu?

The age of the residents at Baan Ing Phu varies between 26 and 70 years old.

Are dogs allowed in the resort?

Yes dogs are no problem.

How many people live in Hua Hin?

In greater Hua Hin there are an estimated 55,000 people.

What are the predominant nationalities of Baan Ing Phu?

The following nationalities are currently resident at Baan Ing Phu: Austrian, British, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Thai and Vietnamese.

How many foreigners live in Hua Hin

There are an estimated 8,000 foreigners resident in Hua Hin. Some are employed, some are retirees.

How do the native citizens of Hua Hin earn their living?

Agriculture (especially fruit farming), fishing and the tourism industry and its related sectors such as hotels, restaurants, bars, sport and leisure, especially golf.

Is Baan Ing Phu a safe and secure housing site?

Yes the site is very safe and Hua Hin in general is safe. We have trained security guards on duty 24 hours a day. In addition, residents have an advanced security system in their homes with fire detectors, smoke detectors and an alarm button. Baan Ing Phu is 10km from the town centre on a cul-de-sac, so there are no trespassers or unregistered people on the site. Visitors have to pass through a manned security gate to gain access to the site.

Is there always water at Baan Ing Phu?

Yes, Baan Ing Phu has a constant clean water supply. We have our own water facility with large storage tanks that contain 700,000 litres of clean drinking water and industrial strength filtration-and pump installations. The water provided by Baan Ing Phu is clean and safe to drink.

How stable is Thailand’s political situation?

Since the riots in 2010, the political climate is very stable. The differing political parties welcome foreign investors and foreign residents.

Are there good health care facilities in Hua Hin?

Hua Hin has very good health care facilities comparable to Western standards. High quality hospitals such as San Paulo and Bangkok Hospital are close by, with an abundance of foreign-trained doctors and dentists at surgeries in the town centre.

Can I get international food products?

Hua Hin has several shopping malls and supermarkets that cater to the growing ex-pat population and this number is growing rapidly. You can buy most products you would find in your native country.

Can Baan Ing Phu advise me about legalities such as immigration visas?

Yes. We have a good relationship with immigration, the labour department and other government organisations.

Property Management

Does someone take care of my property, garden and pool if I am away?

Certainly. The Baan Ing Phu service team takes care of your villa, garden and pool all the time. Whether you are resident or away, we make sure that it always looks immaculate.

Does Baan Ing Phu’s management provide maid services?

Yes, Baan Ing Phu has its own team of maids. They are selected and trained by our household manager so they understand the requirements of our customers.

Can I rent my property out if I don’t use it for a lengthy period?

We are more than happy to help you out with the rental of your property. We will take care of the guests at your villa from their arrival at the airport, until the last minute of their stay at Baan Ing Phu. Our goal is to make them feel comfortable and to make sure they respect your property.


How long does it take to build a Villa?

Depending on the villa type, construction takes between eight months (for a Park Villa) and 14 months for a private resort.

Is my villa insured during the construction period?

Yes, for all buildings we have a so-called “CAR insurance”, which insures the buildings and content during the construction period.

How do you check the quality of construction?

Baan Ing Phu has its own engineers, working closely with the contractors. Together with a project manager, they follow all steps of the construction and the completion of villas.

Do you work with many different contractors?

No. Since the initial start of Baan Ing Phu, we have only worked with a select number of contractors and sub-contractors. They understand our requirements regarding quality and timing and have proven to be very loyal to the Baan Ing Phu development.

Does Baan Ing Phu operate with official building permits?

Yes, rest assured Baan Ing Phu does everything according to the rule of the law. We work with official building permits for all the villas we build.


What type of lease applies to the villas at Baan Ing Phu?

At Baan Ing Phu we operate with a lease for the land plot on which your villa will be built. This is a 30 years lease. The reason that it is “only” 30 years is simply because the Land Office (Cadastre) is not able to register a lease period longer than 30 years. In addition to the lease contract, we have an addendum to the lease contract, in which we agree that you can renew the lease as many times as you want. The lawyer who made our contracts was instructed by Baan Ing Phu to make the contracts as customer-friendly as possible. This has worked out very well.

Can I own the land via a company?

This is only possible if you own an active Thai company. It is not possible to create a company just to hold land with nominee share-holders. This is against the law.

Can I ask my lawyer to do a legal Due Diligence before I make a final decision?

We will be happy to cooperate with your lawyer for a legal Due Diligence and provide title deeds, company papers and our contracts.

Do I need a separate testament for my assets in Thailand?

Thailand appreciates and follows the Last Will/Testament you have in another country. However, it could make it easier to have a Last Will here in Thailand. We are happy to put you in contact with a reputable law-office, with foreign lawyers, who can assist you with this matter.

Is there an inheritance tax on my assets in Thailand?

At this moment in time (April 2013) there is no inheritance tax in Thailand on Thai assets.


I have decided to buy a villa at Baan Ing Phu. What is the payment schedule?

After we have signed the agreements, we will ask you to pay 35 per cent of the total amount for the villa and the land. We will than register the land in your name and start with construction. The second payment of 30 per cent will be requested when we have finished the roof and all the walls. The third payment of 32 per cent will be requested just before the installation of the kitchen and sanitary ware. You will pay the last three per cent when you are satisfied with the villa we have built for you.

In what currency do we have to pay?

Since all our contractors are local and we buy all products locally, all payments have to be made in Thai Baht.

If I sell my property in the future, can I transfer the money back to my home country?

Yes, transferring money back is no problem at all. For all transfers, we ask for a document from your bank, which shows the transfer details and the reason why the money has been imported into Thailand. Showing these forms to the bank, together with the sales contract, allows you to wire the money back to your country of origin.

Can I get finance in Thailand?

Only in very specific situations can you get a loan from the bank, and this is only for free hold condominiums in Bangkok. It is not possible to get a loan for a villa. There are however several private initiatives created by companies who offer loans. We have no experience with these yet.