Monthly Archives: May 2013

Alan Rivers

Baan Ing Phu offers a unique sense of community to its discerning residents. It is an estate with like-minded residents who expect and appreciate excellence and privacy.

Jack Coronna

Everything at Baan Ing Phu is first class: the quality of the design, the solid construction and the daily maintenance are superb. I am impressed with the developers’ total commitment to excellence in everything they do.

Peter de Jong

I have enjoyed living at Baan Ing Phu for the past five years. I love the beauty and privacy of our location and our outstanding restaurant, gym and tennis court.

Cees van Rijswijk

Baan Ing Phu is a perfect private resort for me where I can fully enjoy life with my family and friends.

Lars Jensen

Baan Ing Phu is a unique location, surrounded by the stunning Black Mountains. It offers me and my family an improved lifestyle. For us, it is the number one lifestyle resort.

Peter Kirketerp

Living at Baan Ing Phu offers a combination of complete tranquillity, a close to nature experience, peace of mind and the opportunity to enjoy this in a top quality accommodation with great neighbours.